Ultimate Xtreme Wrestling, branded UXW, is a wrestling entertainment corporation created in August 2006.  The company was crafted by University of Delaware graduate Christian Gunner, who graduated with his Master's degree in Business Management.  Gunner worked alongside two of his lifelong best friends, Johnny Bidescale and Theodore Johnson, to bring UXW to what it is today.  Bidescale and Johnson play major roles in Gunner's UXW.

When it was first created in 2006 the company was known collectively as DHH, branded Dude's House of Hardcore.  DHH aired every Friday night and featured talent from a variety of superstars as they put on entertainment segments from week to week.  Gunner placed Bidescale and Johnson in charge of operations of DHH.  However, Bidescale was in a band at the time and soon after had to resign for the time being to tour with his band. The company's very first pay-per-view was Hell Unleashed, and took place on August 25, 2006.  Hell Unleashed crowned the very first DHH World Heavyweight Champion, Triple X.

In early October 2006 the roster was becoming increasingly harder to manage, as more and more superstars were being hired.  This lead to the brand extension in early November 2006, in which LOD was born, branded League of Destruction.  Johnny Bidescale's band took a hiatus right around this time and so Bidescale returned to manage the newly created LOD.  This pay-per-view crowned the very first LOD World Heavyweight Champion, Hell Demon.

On April 6, 2007, the company's biggest pay-per-view made its long awaited debut.  That pay-per-view went on to be the first of many events known as Mayhem Mania (inspired by WWE's Wrestlemania; Wrestlemania 23 occurred five days prior to the event).  This was the first pay-per-view that featured talent from both the DHH and LOD brands and also incorporated a double World Heavyweight Championship main event.  The first of these saw LOD World Heavyweight Champion Hell Demon taking on Diablo, Samoan Creature, Death Warrior, and Bomber in a 5-Man Elimination Inferno Match.  Diablo went on to win the match by last eliminating the reigning champion, Hell Demon.  This lead to a rematch three weeks later at the Retribution pay-per-view (LOD Talent only) between Hell Demon and Diablo for the LOD World Heavyweight Championship.

The second main event at Mayhem Mania saw DHH World Heavyweight Champion Triple X take on Joker, American Animal, Canadian Cannibal, Sinister Serpent, Farrellizer, and Carnage in a 7-Man Extreme Elimination Chamber.  Joker went on to win the match by last eliminating the reigning champion, Triple X.  Like the LOD World Heavyweight Championship, this too lead to a rematch at the Mother's Day Massacre pay-per-view (DHH talent only) between Joker and Triple X in a 60 Minute Iron Man Match.

In mid May 2007, DHH and LOD had problems with their contract negotiations, and therefore lead to the company going out of business for a couple of months.

On July 27, 2007, Gunner got back in touch with Bidescale and Johnson.  They talked about rebooting DHH, however this time renaming it to Ultimate Xtreme Wrestling, where it would receive its current name.  During the next few days, Bidescale, Gunner, and Long got back into contact with a few former DHH and LOD superstars and with much luck, were able to bring back the company, with its premier episode on August 3, 2007.

The August 3 edition of UXW consisted of four matches, each a qualifying match for the vacant UXW World Heavyweight Championship that would be contested 48 hours later at the second annual Hell Unleashed event.  That match saw Farrellizer, Joker, Hell Demon, and Dominator compete in a Fatal Four Way match where Farrellizer won his first ever world championship.

The next week on UXW, Hell Demon, Joker, and Dominator competed in a Triple Threat Number One Contender's Match, where the winner would face Farrellizer at the first annual No Forgiveness pay-per-view on September 16, 2007.  Joker won the match but lost to Farrellizer at No Forgiveness.  After the match Hell Demon came out and attacked Farrellizer.  This lead to a Barbed Wire Massacre match at the first annual Fright Night pay-per-view on October 7, 2007, between Hell Demon and Farrellizer for the UXW World Heavyweight Championship.

On January 27, 2008, Dark Demon won the second annual Royal Rampage match at the second annual Royal Rampage pay-per-view (Also inspired by WWE).  Dark Demon thus won the right to face the UXW World Heavyweight Champion at Mayhem Mania 2.  Farrellizer also defeated The Great Show on this pay-per-view to retain the UXW World Heavyweight Championship.

On February 17, 2008 at No Escape, Farrellizer successfully defeated The Great Show in a rematch from the Royal Rampage to once again retain the UXW World Heavyweight Championship.  Dark Demon also defeated The Beast in a match where if Dark Demon lost, he would have lost his Mayhem Mania world championship opportunity to his opponent.

Dark Demon went on to win the UXW World Heavyweight Championship from Farrellizer on March 30, 2008, at the second annual Mayhem Mania.  This lead to a Last Man Standing Match between the two men four weeks later at Retribution, which saw Dark Demon win the match.

The next week on UXW, Farrellizer won a No. 1 Contender Match against Venom after The Beast came out and distracted his deranged brother.  This allowed Farrellizer to pick up the win and face Dark Demon in three weeks at the Demolition Derby pay-per-view in a Street Fight.  Dark Demon won the Street Fight to once again retain the world title.

Farrellizer was given one more chance to try to reclaim the UXW World Heavyweight Championship two weeks after Demolition Derby at the Death Wish pay-per-view.  Farrellizer defeated Dark Demon by disqualification, leading to one final opportunity for Farrellizer to reclaim the gold.  He fought, and lost, in his Barbed Wire Massacre rematch against Dark Demon four weeks after Death Wish, at SummerSmash.

Soon after UXW once again was having contract problems and was forced to go off the air.  They returned briefly in January 2009 until a couple of weeks after Mayhem Mania 3.  Finally, in September 2009, Gunner brought back UXW in a permanent attempt.  However, this time he split UXW into two brands, Blitz, which would air live on Monday nights, and Rush, which would air live on Friday nights.

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